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Congratulatory Speech in the Spring Festival

President and General Manager Mr. Liu Xuedian
Spring Festival of 2011

Dear all employees, managers, and retired workers,
Spring Festival is approaching, I on behalf of the company and the Party Community extend my sincere greetings and best wishes on this holiday, I wish you all a Happy New Year!
The past year is a marvelous year in the development history of Xin Zhong Xing Company. We overcame difficulties, continued to optimize the industrial structure, and enhanced the core competitiveness of enterprises in the year. Over the past year, being faced with complex and volatile international financial situation, with correct leadership of the company, we adhered to the scientific development concept to guide the overall situation, highlighted the three major themes of development, efficiency and peoples livelihood, vigorously promoted management and technological innovation, worked hard and seized opportunities during difficult times, moved forward courageously in challenges, created a new performance and wrote a new chapter.
Economic strength rose steadily and overall strength significantly increased. The enterprise realized an annual total income growth of 30.4% and completed various economic indicators required by the Group 37 days ahead of target.
Forestry industry chain is growing and key projects highlights strength. Canada Resurgence Developments Ltd. harvested 240,000 m3 logs, shipped back to China 130,000 m3, sold 103000 m3 logs. Forestry industry totally achieved sales revenue 199 million yuan, with profit of 14.16 million yuan.

Promote efficient operation of capital overseas market smoothly. Canada Resurgence New Energy Development Ltd. has completed and passed the final audit and will be listing in TSXV.
Promote external development steadily and achieve a breakthrough for resources acquisition. Reached a cooperation intention with Meng Han Mining Group as for 1.7 billion tons of coal reserves in Bai Yanhua area Daerhanan Union of Baotou City of Inner Mongolia, which sets a solid foundation for creating new energy base of XinZhongXing.
Create colorful brands, technological innovation has achieved better results, following the successful independent development and invention of power generation, cogeneration, biomass pyrolysis reactor technology, we have successfully developed and manufactured the first monorail cranes in Zaozhuang Coal Mining Group, which could increase value of 160 million yuan; as for independent research and development of geothermal heating film products, we have reached 1.40 million square meters of available intentions with ShiZhong District rural construction and real estate development enterprises with the annual output value of 100 million yuan.
Staffs income continued to increase, created a harmonious sharing of results, the staff per capita income grew 12%;ChangQingDongLi reform projects have been started14 buildings with construction area of 50,700 square meters, 151 sets of low-rent housing have been completed by the image of the main project progress . Meanwhile, we have submitted report about the transformation of squatter settlements projects of West ChangQingXiLi Apartments and DongJing Apartments, and will launch after the Spring Festival.
Highlight the strength of ZhongXing culture, sublimate core values, ZhongXing (coal) National Mine Park got approval from Ministry of Land Resources, becoming the only company in Shandong Province to the national coal mining theme park, which has got municipal finance capital 120 million yuan and set a solid foundation for old city image change and transformation of Zaozhuang.
These achievements are results of relentless pursuit of innovation and development, and dedication and hard work . Hereon, I represent the company party to express my heartfelt thanks to cadres and employees contributing to the development and construction of the company! Pay tribute to retired workers the majority of the families caring for and support the development of XinZhongXing !
Recalling the past year, we are filled with emotion, not only share the joy of success, but also enjoy the start of the hardships. Looking into the new year, I find the great responsibility and arduous tasks. This year is the first year of 12th Five Year Plan and is also a key to the development of XinZhongXing Company. We must further strengthen our confidence, grasp the opportunities of reform and development, stand on a high starting point, take the high ground, maintain a high level, create new advantages, to achieve a new leap forward and make a solid first step on the new journey.
Realize development of external resources to achieve new breakthroughs. Promote the development of external resources, seize opportunities for development, and implement low-cost expansion, fight for achieving the annual output of 30 million tons of production capacity 3 to 5 years for Inner Mongolia BaiYan Hua Coalfield , develop pillar industries fro XinZhongXing and promote the development of related industries.
Achieve new progress in capital operation and make efforts to following works related to going on public in Canada, while completing works about going on public in HongKong by industry chain of Canada Resurgence Developments Ltd., Canadian Northwest Debarking Company, Rizhao Zhong Xing Wood Industry Comoany, Linyi XinQiXing Wood , Zaozhuang T&F furniture Company which will lie a solid foundation for new financing platform for the sustainable development of the company.
Achieve new results of construction of key projects, focus on making Rizhao Zhong Xing Wood Industry Comoany, Linyi XinQiXing Wood , Zaozhuang T&F furniture Company bigger and stronger, expand completed industrial chain and improve the brand effect to make it move forward to the direction of the series, scale, and efficiency, then enhance business development activity.
Achieve new results of scientific and technological innovation, make efforts to perfection and marketing of new products such as monorail and geothermy membrane, attract incremental implementation of the Phase II reformation project of Building Materials Branch to accelerate the industrial upgrading pace, expand industrial scale, and create new economic growth point.
Achieve new promotion of the total economic development, make efforts to enhance the quality of economic operation, establish thrift awareness, strengthen resources and cut costs, reduce production costs, control finance strictly , improve profitability, and promote the steady and healthy development of the company.
Achieve a new level of staffs income, strive to improve the livelihood of employees, pay more attention to and improve the quality of people, solve the staffs vital interests to ensure that employees income increase significantly. Speed up the pace in shantytowns, and continuously improve the living conditions of workers, so that the fruits of development benefit more people.
Implement the new strength of corporate culture, make efforts to promote declaration of ZhongXing (coal) National Mine Park and national wetland park to set a solid foundation completely for changing the environment of the old north city .
Magnificent blueprint for motivating and inspiring the grand goal. Standing on the intersection of two five-year plan and facing the bright future of 12th Five Year Plan, XinZhongXing embarked on a new journey. In the new year, under the correct leadership of the Group, lets make efforts to create a worthy era and more brilliant tomorrow of XinZhongXing with solidarity, greater enthusiasm, high morale , more pragmatic style of work, forge ahead, dedication and hard work !
I sincerely wish all retired cadres and workers, employees and their families of XinZhongXing Company a Happy New Year!